SEO Specialist

How many of you know the meaning of SEO? Well, basically it’s a three-letter acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. But do you really know what it is?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method, a marketing process to make search engines increase the ranking of a particular website or a web page.

In layman’s term it is simply a way to promote a website on the Internet. Let me a give you an analogy to understand what SEO really is.

Imagine a library or a bookstore full of books. In a library to be able for a certain book to be found, you go directly to a certain shelf which specifies a letter or a category. If you cannot find the book you consult the librarian. The librarian then is the search engine.

The librarian will take a look of his/her index, a hard copy of lists of books which can be found perhaps in a cabinet of index cards organized alphabetically or subjects or categories. Alas! She will then give you the number of that certain book that you are looking for or the next thing to the one you are trying to find.

It is the same with bookstores. It is the job of a tenant to guide you or provide you the book in the index of books in a particular bookstore. This is the job of the search engine.

So in order for a book to be easily found, the job of an SEO strategist is to organize more the librarian’s index of books by providing words or links (in SEO called backlinks) that will connect to a particular book. The SEO strategist can provide more improvised shelves with some symbols for people to see the book more visibly.

Search Engine Optimization can be confusing and has lots of types and factors to consider in applying it successfully. It is not just a science but an art.

SEO practitioners work very hard to make the strategy much more effective for their campaigns. It would take years before you fully understand up what SEO really is all about.

With regard to those webmasters who have no slightest idea what SEO is and how to apply it, there are SEO specialists that can be hired for their marketing solutions on the World Wide Web. These professionals can be found within many outsourcing company sites.