►  Web Developer

Since the Internet technology was invented, the progress of creating websites has developed so fast. It was not too long ago when websites on the World Wide Web are rendered in pure HTML language. It was not too long ago when we use Windows 98 and XPon our PCs and NetscapeNavigator was always visible on our desktops.

Today, with seems like just a snap of a finger everything changed. We have PHP and CSS web programming languages, WordPress, Drupal, Google Chrome, and Windows 98 soon. More than that, we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the most gargantuan search engine in the world: Google. Web Development come so quicker and easier to implement than what we’ve expected. Content Writer Web Designer SEO Specialist

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►  Content Writing and Content Writer

What first comes to your mind when you think about content writer? What really does a content writer do? Before we get into that, let us discuss what content writing first.

What really is content writing?

Many people might not know what content writing is, especially for those who do not use the Internet very often. They have heard or read on the Net and probably think it is just one form of writing. Or probably they have already had an idea that they are the articles you read on the Web. If you are thinking about these things, you are already close to know what content writing is. But to broaden more about your knowledge about content writing here are some little information and definition.

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►  Web Designer

Web Designing are two very interesting words on the Internet. How many of you know what web designer is? For those who don’t know what web designer is all about, let’s discuss about what web design is first.

Web design is basically a concept, a theme, or a style of a particular website. So logically a web designer is one who designs a website. Get it?


►  SEO Specialist

How many of you know the meaning of SEO? Well, basically it’s a three-letter acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. But do you really know what it is?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method, a marketing process to make search engines increase the ranking of a particular website or a web page.

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